A very lazy shot...

…from my chair on the patio, but it's Friday, so it can be a FF shot; a very big thank you to BikerBear for continuing with this challenge!  It's been a supremely lazy Friday, but this has enabled me to have a long-overdue catch up on some blip journals, though there are 'miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep' in that regard!
We had a lovely evening at the Capital Club with Sayra and Daniel, in honour of Sayra's birthday (which fell a few days ago). Rather dreadfully, I had forgotten that it was her birthday – the pitfalls of writing things on one's calendar and then going off to live in another country for a few months leaving the calendar on the kitchen wall in the other place, *sigh*.
Today is Kari's actual birthday, so happy birthday to her (that was one that I DID remember!!)

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