By soozaday

The Culprit

This giant sunflower plant is about ten feet tall, with dozens of small flowers sticking out every which way. From the kitchen window I could see the leaves moving, at the mercy of a dark shape. Not-a-bird. I don't know how those thin stalks can support anything extra. This busy squirrel was devouring every seed in sight. It was one of those things where you start out behind glass and far away with a zoom, then keep creeping closer and closer out the door and down the stairs, and closer until you realize the animal doesn't care a bit about you, take all the photos you want, just don't mess with my breakfast.

It was a slow day for me, as I didnt sleep well last night. Got up and did some stretches. Went back to bed, got up again and went downstairs to read. Went back to bed and watched my brain fizzle for hours behind my twitchy eyes. I'm ready to try again. 

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