RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Crystal Symphony

It is not often that we have a cruise ship in our bay. Before we moved here ten years ago, there were dozens of these behemoths a season. Now, we are surprised every time one appears in the bay. Such was the case this morning. According to my ship tracking app, it was heading from Puerto Vallarta to Puerto Quetzal. This must have been a planned stop, because our town pulled out all the stops to make sure passengers had a happy welcome, which was a bit more difficult without the pier.

I shot the cruise ship from a variety of positions around town, then got in my kayak and paddled around it for even more angles. After reviewing the 50 different versions, I picked this head on half lit, half shadow as my favorite. It is hard to visualize its size, until you notice the tender on the right side.

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