Fresh Air


Day trip by coach to Oxford.

Oxford was heaving with people, worse than Brighton!
I visited 4 museums in the 5 hours we had. By the end my legs were giving out! 

1. Pitt Rivers Natural History Museum.
The main blip is a representation of the hox protein (the pink bit).  These bind themselves to the DNA below and control head-to-toe body layout in embryos by switching on and off certain genes.

The first extra is of a tank of live cockroaches, quite large and crawling over each other!

2. History of Science.
Not as impressive a museum as I'd hoped; some of it closed, some not organised. A bit tatty. 

The next extra is Einstein's blackboard, used at his second lecture on relativity on 16 May 1931.

3. Oxford City Museum.
Not very big, just one smallish room, a few references to marmalade making (pic of a formidable Mrs Cooper wielding a massive paddle), and car manufacture.

Far more to see here than I could manage, of course, and a brilliant building too. Definitely worth a return trip.

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