love light

By lrw


I posted about this renovation project on Saturday but I've replaced that blip with a more important one. Today I'm posting an updated renovation image (the extras show what I deleted from Saturday's blip ;) ).

Our garage has been suffering badly (and so have we) during the winter. Occasionally there is a major thaw in February and all the snow melts but in our case, there is nowhere for the melt water to go except into our driveway and garage. Last year the water was over a foot deep. Then it refreezes and whatever is in the garages is frozen in until the final spring thaw in late March or April. One year I could not get my car out for over 6 weeks.

We're having some drainage put in and while we're at it, might as well spruce up the look of the tired old building. It would probably be cheaper to tear this thing down and build new but that seems too wasteful of resources and materials just to save a bit of money.

(our neighbour (on the left) is having a bit of the drainage stone put in too, this will keep the area looking even better).

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