By dreaming

One more day

I didn't manage to take any photos today, so I'm blipping another of the silly hats from Saturday.  This one is a narwhal, I think.

Another bad day, but Lex came by to bring some groceries and prescriptions that I needed.  Doug will be driving me to the injection appointment tomorrow and I hope to feel a lot better really soon.  It can take a while before the cortisone has a real effect.  It's looking as if I may have to pass on going wedding dress shopping with Sarah on Saturday, a great disappointment.  But perhaps there will have been a big improvement before then.  

A pleasant surprise today - I told May about the sciatic pain when she called yesterday, and she called today to see how I was feeling and to tell me she sent me a card.  She seemed in good spirits and didn't mention the voices.  I was very pleased.

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