Tiny Tuesday - Shield Bugs

Noticed these two Shield Bugs cavorting on a local gum tree. I never like to get too close as they can exude a smelly substance to deter predators which is why they’re also known as stink bugs!! Ugh! : )

I was gazing out the kitchen window at the sunset as I was preparing the dinner and suddenly a very fast jet came out of nowhere and left a trail and was gone in less than a minute, looked quite strange, in extras!

I’ve had a very busy day and night and must away to the bed as i’m falling asleep as i’m typing!! Going out for dinner with one of my old Uni friends tomorrow night so I may only put up my Blip tomorrow and catch up with you all the following day. Nighty night Blippers ;o)xxxx

Just noticed that TT has a theme ‘Native’ so I think these common shield bugs will fit the bill ;o) Thanks to Barking for hosting!

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