It was a nice morning with a bit of sunshine, and I managed to get the washing almost dry, but it rained in the afternoon and has been a bit miserable.

The HG is walking in Fife and I do hope he gets it dry.  I have been having a home day, cooking, ironing and cleaning out some cupboards, a long overdue task.

I noticed that the Spider plant in the front porch is thriving.  We have had it for some months now, it replaced the Hoya which sadly had died.  I have another Hoya coming on, but it is not yet big enough to hang in this position.  Spider plants seem to me to have been very popular in the seventies and eighties but fell out of favour for some years.  However, they are supposed to be excellent for improving air quality, and I rather like the lovely calming green of them.  Lots of babies, so I will be able to transplant some.

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