Robin at large

By Robin


A couple of days ago I read in the local paper that the Arnhall Nature Reserve has just been opened. Both Cosmo and myself were surprised by this news as we have been walking it together for years.

While we were in the woods today we saw several of these wooden posts. Cosmo has paused briefly to look at this one as she probably thinks it looks a little out of place. In general Cosmo does not approve of change! So the opening of the "nature trail" refers to these wooden posts advertising one of the energy companies with an office in Westhill.

Instead she was much more interested in watching the large black bird enjoying a snack in the park. She probably thinks the bird might make a nice snack, or at least be fun to chase. However in her acquired wisdom she has learnt that she cannot catch birds. Though has it been a pigeon she might have had a go anyway, if only to shoo it away.

After all the rain the wood and park is quite wet under paw, so she was a bit muddy when we got home.

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