A Day of Special Dogs ,& Ordinary People

Means there is hope for the world,

1) Received a very good email from Wera Hobhouse Lib Dem MP for Bath.
 She's been in touch with many forgotten expats and is doing her bit for us.
2)In Kantstraße  I spotted this beautiful dog waiting patiently & quietly outside a butchers shop . Lovely to watch and when the owner came out she gave him his reward .'a sausage'.We talked dogs awhile .. 
3) Next see extra  Tomorrow is world day for mental health hence a green ribbon for hope .Depression is now on the the increase. It took Brexit to give me my 1st taste of such .I  thanked the lady,.said it was heaven sent and yes , tomorrow I'll wear & spread the word .
4) Kudamm ,stopped by a young German lady with her baby . She was lovely & asked if I was in pain . Laughing I said every minute of every day but life goes on .She asked if she could pray for me .I thought that was lovely of her She introduced Henry her baby and then began speaking sincere words .
5) Met a sand artist with 2 dogs of another kind .They looked real .Six hours work . From Romania he spoke German and English .
What a wonderful day even though the news from UK continues to amaze me in as much as illegal routes are being used to satisfy  the  Johnson, Cummings  lust for power . 
My views on the bullies of Westminster are known .They may have money and power  via devious means but they actually have nothing .

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