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On the way .............

 ............ home - and another 100+ miles to drive after we dock!  Should walk in the house by 23.00.

So, Where's BikerBear Now???  (WBBN?)

In the extras:

From last night - my cabin - it wouldn't load on the ferry - wi-fi too slow and clunky
A gate and its reflection near the beach
A beautiful Bentley that was waiting to board the ferry ..... just stunning!

We had another day at the hospital today  (Wednesday - I am posting late again) and things are moving a-pace  ........ just waiting for a phone call and then it's under the surgeon's knife for Himself  -  a three hour op on his carotid artery with only a local anaesthetic - hellfire I am terrified for him  :o((

~ Anni ~

Backblipped on Wednesday 9 October 2019

More updates as we get them - thank you for all the positive thoughts coming our way,

I was at the hospital too - two appointments but all went reasonably well for me  :o)

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