By LoveMy3Dogs

Grooming Day For Matilda

"I only shampoo my hair once a month."
~ Shallene Woodley

Another girl washed and trimmed up today. It was Matilda's monthly groom and, even at almost 9 years old, she still dreads it. Her German Shepherd anxiety wears her out.
As soon as she gets home and is approved by the two sniffers, up she goes on the loveseat and drifts off to dreamland. 
It's the best thing for her to calm her down. 

As Billy Crystal used to say when impersonating Fernando Lamas on Saturday Night Live years ago, 'It's more important to look good than to feel good...and you look marvelous!"
Matilda is a Red and Black, long coated German Shepherd. When she's first groomed her red really shows through whereas, by the time she's ready to be groomed, she looks more Black and Tan. 

To us, she is this gorgeous creature we love so much, no matter what color she is. 

Thanks for visiting  :)

Until tomorrow...
Rose, Jools, Matilda & Cillian 

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