By ScottysPixie

No celebrations

My little sweetie today you’d be 21

Your dreams and life had just begun

A little celebration would be in store

We’d toast and cheer and open a door

To a life so bright and all that was before

There would be a lot of colorful balloons

and festivities that lasted all afternoon

now your birthday will be spent

at the little cemetery that we frequent

thinking this through and all that it meant

Our hearts will mend and tears will dry

We’ll search and search for some blue sky

but until those days comes around

we can’t help feeling our souls are weighed down

as we stand here on God’s sacred ground

We never know what He has in store

and of course we always think we know more

So for now we’ll ask for simple peace

and the feelings of despair to simply cease

requesting instead for the love and laughter to increase

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