By gillyh

30 Day Challenge - Day 30 Vintage

I have an old Railway clock that hangs in the kitchen telling the correct time twice a day. It has a little side door through which you can see all the cogs, chains and workings. On the inside of the door are several old repairs stickers, the top one dated July 1930 which must make it an antique.
Princes Street mentioned on the repair sticker must be in Wellington, New Zealand as that is where l got the clock. It has always been temperamental, appearing to stop for no reason at all and l have spent considerable sums of money having it repaired, l am now content to let it just hang on the wall and l love it - when working it has the loudest tick you can imagine.
The extra shows the clock - a bit blurry as l was cooking up a storm at the time of taking (multi tasking).

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