Occasionally Focused

By tsuken


So, the continued story...

Commonwealth Bank are signed on for Medicare Easyclaim. A colleague has a CommBank EFTPOS machine, and it does everything without - so she says - a problem.

So, off to the local branch of Commonwealth Bank go mrs Tsuken and I. Set up business account, go home, ring "merchant services", organise an appropriate EFTPOS terminal (waiting for final approval but that won't be a problem), and hoping that true to their word they can get it to us very soon. Until we get it, bulk-billing will be annoyingly complicated, and fee-paying patients will have to submit  their receipts to Medicare to get the rebate (which is work I don't like to put on them).

But ... it seems all should be good.

*breathes again*

And I saw our cherry is out - which pleases me particularly, because I worried it might be dead.

Cherryr; Flickr.

SMC Takumar 135/3.5; K-30

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