Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Two little ladies & more!

Wednesday 9th October 2019              (backblip)

Sunshine brought out the butterflies again today ...... 3 Red Admiral ...... a Painted Lady & a Small Tortoiseshell ....... also this little 7 spot ladybird was enjoying a bit of sunbathing too! It was quite a challenge as it was rather wild & windy ...... do hope you like these :-)

Not sure where the time went today! Big Sis is on 'Mum duty' this week so we had the day to get caught up with things! Somehow that didn't quite happen!

We did both manage to get our flu jabs & Hubby his check-up at the dentist (all fine) ...... we also did the supermarket shopping ..... but as for all the other things that we had hoped to get sorted ...... well .... they didn't happen! Hey ho ..... another time!

Thanks to Cailleach & Hobbs for Wild Wednesday & October Colour Blitz :-)

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