By iaint


Something has been troubling me today. Well, two things I suppose.

The second is that I am not sure what the first one is. 

Usually it is Brexit these days, but for some reason I am more sanguine about it than I was 6 months ago when facing the 31st March cliff edge. Perhaps that will change in the next 2 weeks. 

Work was fine, but with both the Manager and the Boss through in Parliament, the Goth and I were left to our own devices. We did some work as well. 

One of the things on the task list at the moment is to have a brutal clear out of books - the paperback fiction you read only once. In my case, it means surmounting the fear of the memories which certain books may bring back. 

Anyway, I have made a start. 

Which leads me to the Blip. One thing you see quite often in Tbilisi is pensioners selling Soviet era memorabilia in the street - mostly books and magazines. Last month I saw someone selling the book in my Blip.

I did not buy it, because it was already on one of my bookshelves at home. I won a modern languages prize in my final year at high school and one part of it was a Russian-English dictionary, which I would need at university. 

It was published in Moscow in 1965 by the Soviet Encyclopaedia Publishing House. Price 2.50 roubles (£0.03). No, Brezhnev did not autograph it for me.  

That is one book which will not be going to a charity shop.    

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