After the concert

Singing. Then home to order tiles for the chimney breast and hearth in the living room. A couple of days ago, two guys from a firm in Rothbury came out to have a look at the fireplace and chimney, and this morning we received their quote for installing a wood burner. We've decided to go ahead, so MrM now has a deadline for finishing off the necessary work. I'm hoping (fingers and toes crossed, and touching wood...) that the room will be finished before the festive season!

Afternoon spent sanding the shelves for the unit in the living room, ready to start painting tomorrow. Then an evening off - MrM and I went in to Berwick for a concert at the Maltings. Ralph McTell - absolutely brilliant! Blipless, I took this on the way back to the car after the concert - the alley way leading to Hide Hill.

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