By memento

Please do

Once the thousands of well-organized, peaceful but highly emotionally charged protesters left the scene, a group of  eedjits set some MAGA hats on fire and turned their ire toward the police. 

I missed all that because some eedjit spilled his beverage all over me, rendering me and my sign even more soaked. It took me half an hour to weave through the chanting crowd back to where I was parked. Mr. M couldn't make the festivities, he was on a plane back from a biz trip, worried sick about me, unnecessarily.

People are afraid, I can tell; afraid of where this clown is taking us, afraid of how deep his treason goes, afraid of the lasting damage he's doing to institutions that are supposed to keep us safe, afraid of the lasting impact of his chaotic foreign policy decisions on the entire world. But mostly pissed off at him and his selfish, uncaring, racist and corrupt administration, who are all enabling him.

I'm hoping karma kicks in soon.

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