Life through the lens...

By ValC

Pink Cape Lily.

A little bit of South Africa in Yorkshire.
Also called Schizostylis, or Hesperantha Coccinea.
Beautiful autumn flowers, and I have a pot by the front door.

We were up early as I had an 8.15 am appointment at Dewsbury hospital.
Just a checkup for my hearing. I hadn’t realised it was 6 years since I first had hearing aids.
I was pleased to learn that my hearing hadn’t deteriorated, but it was the hearing aids which needed replacing. ( should have been done 3 years ago) So another appointment in a weeks time to fit some new ones.

Then to do the weekly shop. Certainly had it all done sooner than usual.

A bit of a dull day with rain.
I hope the weekend will be better.
Enjoy, whatever you may be doing.

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