The visit of the chimney sweep

This morning we had to clear the decks for the visit of the chimney sweep. We live in a wooden house so the sweep is important! They clean the soot from the chimneys of course, the blip shows some of the gear he used on the kitchen wood stove. (we hardly ever use it these days, as you have to drag the electric oven out of the way or it melts - used as back up when the power goes). 

They also do fire inspections of the whole house and give you the low down on the safety of the chimneys and fireplaces, the big boiler in the cellar and so on. They have opinions (demands) regarding the ladders onto the roof, the ladders on the roof, the platform next to the chimney and the hood covering the chimney. As in, wrongly constructed by the workmen we employed, doesn't move as it should, will have to be replaced. Haven't got round to that so now we have a hoodless chimney as Keith screwed it off yesterday!

It is really important to keep things safe, when a wooden house catches fire it burns to the ground in no time. All that remains is the chimney stack and the fireplaces. Our insurance isn't valid if we don't have the sweep on a regular basis. And today was the day.

I spent some time painting again, having got going with that there is a certain energy in motion. We had a different sort of "admin Monday" today, reorganising the kitchen, moving the overhead light to a better position, fixing window lights so we can see better at the front door, putting up new fire alarms in the right place (middle of the ceiling) putting the summer furniture away (who were we kidding keeping it out for the visitors?!) and cleaning the cellar. Friday is a good day for admin too it seems. 

Keith did a run to the tip and removed some debris from the building of the new stove, and the work he's been doing on the red house. The local tip is really no such thing! It's a well organised sorting station for all manner of things. Private citizens can leave more or less anything there without paying, anything except asbestos in large quantities that is. Then you pay by weight. Consequently we have a neat pile of asbestos roofing slabs hidden away, a few get taken now and then, wrapped in plastic as per instructions. 

I am taking great pleasure in things that are organised, things that work, people who can reason well, sensible thoughts from friends, well thought out positions and so on. The world is so full of turmoil at the moment, political messes, mad denial about the climate crisis, backwards moves for women's rights, human rights, inhumane conflicts, allies deserted, historical friends turning into enemies overnight. I think I'm taking refuge in the sense/illusion of constructed order on the home front at least.

Here's the sweep in Keith's blip.

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