hello again

By admirer


A splendid, sunny day, and it seemed a great idea to travel to the Lainzer Tiergarten, in the south east of Vienna. 
It was a bit complicated to get there, because of the fact that the Underground near our stay was closed for a long time. So we took a bus, then the Underground and then a tram, and a bus again. But in the wend we reached the Lainzer Tor, the gate through which we could enter the park. After a short walk we reached the Hermesvilla, a little Palace build for Elizabeth - Sissi. There we drank an espresso and started our walk uphill to the Rohrhaus. A nice walk. The trees have not yet coloured that much, but a lovely sight it was nevertheless.
At the top of the hill we sat on a bench and ate our sandwich with a nice view. In the large grassfield I saw a brown animal. A dog? No it was definitively a fox, a young one I guess. 
I could walk very near the fox, busy as she/he was in chasing for a mouse. A nice surprise.
From there we walked Downhill towards another gate for leaving the park, The Nikolaitor. We rested for a while on a bench, enjoying the sunshine. It was still a Long walk to the gate, but in the end we reached it and walked to the Underground Hüttelsdorf , entered it, had to take later a bus and came home again.
An extra photo taken near the Rohrhaus.

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