Keith B

By keibr

Sweep on the roof

Yesterday my blip was preparing for the sweep so it seems reasonable for today’s picture to show him in action. Everything went well and that’s it for a couple of years now.
The sweep’s job is to do with fire safety and I continued with that theme as I set up two new fire alarms. Our old ones were about 15 years old and they should be changed every 10 years. They were tucked neatly away in corners but apparently that’s not so good so the new ones are out in the ceilings where the smoke will arrive first.
Otherwise we were generally clearing up in the garden, happy the rain was staying away and that we could be out in the fresh air enjoying the autumn colours.
On a less positive note my computer finally gave up today. The battery has been refusing to charge and now it couldn’t even start up. I’m now using my iPhone to blip, which I don’t find a smooth process. Time to go shopping.

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