Passport Photos!

I'm just gathering the information I need for my ESTA application (U.S.A. Visa Waiver) in preparation for my trip down Route 66.
The information required is very extensive and part of it is travel history. I don't think they know what they are letting themselves in for asking for that.
These are my passport photographs from 1981 to present but I don't have my passport from my RAF days, first passport issued in 1968, but I'm pretty sure it's much the same as the Malta driving licence photograph bottom, second from the right.
The last photograph on the bottom is a fill in as I used a 4 square pattern from the collage application to build it. It is from Last Saturday when I did Ride to the Wall. NO, that is not me on the right, I'm the one with the RAF beret, Frank was Airborne Services (paratrooper in the Royal Engineers).

Along the top you have;
Work Permit for Saudi 1981-89
Passport photo 1981-1991
Passport photo 1988-1998 Issued by the British Embassy in Riyadh and joining the two passports together as I had used up all 30 visa pages.
Passport photo 1993-2003, looks like a very suspicious terrorist type character!
Bottom Row;
Passport photo 1998-2008 (Passports overlapped as I had two due to the amount of travelling. Needed one in for visa application while I was already travelling).
Passport photo 2003-2013 and same photo used for 2013-2023.

The use of dual passports and using up visa pages was due to;
RAF Travel on the passport I haven't got was to Oman, Singapore, Malta and the Maldives when I was stationed on RAF stations in these places, also travelled to Cyprus, Penang and Sri Lanka.
Work travel to K.S.A. Jeddah and Riyadh for 8 years
Again to K.S.A. in June 1997 for 3 weeks to Jeddah, Riyadh and Al-Khobar.
Jan-Feb 1984 to Santa Clara, California, for 7 weeks.
Nov 1991 Dallas, Texas, for a week.
Aug 92 Stockholm, Sweden,
May 93 Beirut, Lebanon.
Jun & Jul 93 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Apr & Sep 93 Cairo for two weeks each time
Sep 93 Dubai teaching Emirates Airline
Nov 93 Damascus, Syria.
Jan 94 Comsomolsk, Ukraine for two weeks
Feb 97 Moscow, Russia, for two weeks.
Oct 2000 Oslo, Norway
2000-2004 various, and many, places in Europe.
Feb 02 - Tasmania (Family wedding)
2000-2006 Istanbul, Nicosia (Lefkosia), Athens all together on multiple round trips.
2008 Milan, Italy
2012 Malta for a holiday instead of business travel!
Then there's been the trips across to Belgium and France with the Royal British Legion on the bike but they don't really count, it was fun :-)

With the Middle East travel history I'm wondering if they will let me into the United States of America!

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