By LincolnWarrior

Mr & Mrs

A steady day today which allowed me to go up to the castle grounds and take a few shots at the Annual Sausage festival . This year marked the return of Mr Sausage but this year he had found himself a partner.I took a few other shots but not to much to photograph ,  I have included 3 extras showing some of the stall there. Not to much going on unless you just want to stuff yourself on over priced food.Julie suggested i tagged it for silly  Saturday so amended the tags.
In other news Jae took part in the local Race for life 10K. I would have like to go along and take shots at that but he would never forgive me as he doesn't like us to go and watch him do these sort of things maybe one day 
The rest of the day has been fairly relaxed including picking Julie up and then an afternoon / evening of sport and general TV.
A trip birding tomorrow weather depending might be a bird photo but I won't hold my breath .

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