By Arachne

Extinction Rebellion Day -1

Singers from London, Oxford, Brighton and elsewhere, who have separately been practising songs and chants with Stephen Taberner (amongst many other things, musical director of the Spooky Men's Chorale from Australia), came together as the Glorious Rabble this afternoon to sing the rebellion in. After a bit of rehearsing by the canal behind Kings Cross station and a bit of negotiation with a security guard (since what ought to be public land is now private), 200 or so of us sang our way to the front of the station and kept singing (not a great video, but at least a record, for me).

An underground ride onwards, we sang here, in the rainy late afternoon light of Trafalgar Square.

We did not change the world, but we had a good time.

I went on to the Extinction Rebellion opening ceremony at Marble Arch. All a bit too Earth Mothery for this feminist who doesn't believe in the 'feminine' but hey, we've kicked it off.

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