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By tsuken

Sullivan again

Sullivan again today. It's a safety shot - but he makes for a good one.

This whole  private practice, EFTPOS adventure might lead us to a wholesale change in banks. We've resisted any notion of refinancing our mortgage, based on the single notion that it would be bad because of the structure of a table mortgage - such that   We'd go back to paying mostly interest and not much principal.


Since Commonwealth Bank have been so good  in one realm, we had another look at the idea. The result spat out of their online calculator rather put us back in our seats - knocking years off the already years-knocked-off projection from the current mortgage and our extra repayments. (Said extra repayments I factored in to the calculator for CommBasnk, natch.)

So, upshot is an appointment to go see a mortgage specialist person to find out whether it might indeed be a good move for us.

Floofyr; Flickr.

SMC Takumar 135/3.5; K-30

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