Me, My Camera & I

By notgraham

Fishy blockade

Returning from Skye we were heading back to the A9 on the last part of the A86, when we hit a block. A blockade of fish. Raw, rotting fish. 
Approaching this was OK.
Going through it was mushy. 
Driving off made us dry heave. 

We stopped off at the Highland Chocolatier which was nearby. While pleasant, I wouldn't probably drive the 5 miles off the A9 to visit. 
Our car smelled, really smelled of fish. Driving anything less than 40MPH you could smell fish. 

Coming home I got the jet wash out and rinsed the car as best I could. I suspected however that I'd cooked some fish to my exhaust - so a further trip to the big car washing machine was required for that under-body wash. 

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