A less frenetic exploration today...following a slower start in the morning and a very tasty breakfast at another local diner called Overeasy. It was a stunning blue sky day from the start - and I wandered around the University of Toronto campus and museum district for a couple of hours, soaking up the sun and the surroundings. This was the Libeskind extension to the Ontario Museum - The Crystal - jutting out from but not disturbing the original old stone building. Wandered along the 'Philosopher’s walk' through a garden, dropped into a beautiful calm hall inside the Conservatoire and sat in the park reading my book (Constitution St) in the sunshine. Very chilled. A few trees have beautiful autumn colours (extra) and the views across the city were lovely.
Made my way simply and quickly to the airport and had a fairly long wait - hadn’t timed it quite right - but then at the last minute realised they must have changed the gate as no-one was at the one printed on my boarding card. Of course when I found a screen they’d changed it to the opposite end of the airport so I then had to do a sprint right across to arrive just as boarding started. Phew!
Flying north you could see the change in climate as the proportion of trees with vibrant autumn colours increased and as we came in to land Ottawa's surroundings were positively glowing in reds, oranges and bright browns.
Met up with G at Ottawa and we headed to the hotel then after settling in met all the others in reception and headed to the restaurant. Noice to meet lots of new people who all seem interesting and I’m sure it will give me a kick start to be among new people talking about different stuff for a few days. Nice food then back - most people had flown in today spo were exhausted (especially the ones from Australia!)

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