By suehutton

I've got dirty hands Grandma

Will, Basil and I started our day with a walk in Martinshaw Wood from Ratby. It was, of course, wet. Will wore his wellies and stamped in the puddles. He kept picking up things, like acorns, pine needles and stones. He found this tree stump which was just begging to be climbed and that's when he realised his hands were dirty.

While I was putting Basil back in the car, Will stamped a little too firmly in one puddle. Mud and water splashed up at him and soaked his trousers. He was very good about continuing to wear them. I think the warmth from his body finally dried them out.

Only Tim with Lacey and Bobby at Mummy Meet but Will seemed to have had a sea change and played with them. He rather liked Lacey's stamps and stickers. They ran around chasing each other.

From Markfield, we drove to Mosaic Shoes in Barlestone to find winter shoes for Will. I bought two pairs, one of which was a rather funky waterproof pair, in the SALE! His Mum loves them.

Then back to Shepshed to play with Grandad.

Drove home from Leicester in filthy weather. Even though I wear special specs for driving. I find it extremely difficult to see clearly. Lines on the road are not reflective and the use of cats' eyes seems to be fading out.

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