Everyday Life

By Julez

Nowhere to Sit!

Over to Meg this morning to see the folks. Some horrendous cleaning jobs requiring rubber gloves for me today, plus lots of laundry and a few other bits to do. I felt a bit like I was getting a cold.

I took this shot of a dilapidated and overgrown bench on the edge of someone's  raised garden. I like the look of it but would not want to sit there!

Home on the train, had some food and then I got a migraine! I had my Migraleve tablets and then I had to go to work before they kicked in, so I didn't get to do my Blip earlier. 

Work was quiet, most probably due to the rain and maybe football on TV didn't help. I felt very woolly headed so I wasn't too fussed! We had some very annoying customers tonight too - I was glad to come home!

To begin with at work I thought my cold symptoms had eased off, but later they came back with a vengeance - I suppose the painkillers in the migraine tablets must have took it off temporarily.

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