Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

My boys

I managed  a few rows of knit, knit, knit before I left the house at 8 45 a.m. It's coming along but I need to put in a huge effort. Grandmas have been out all day with Louie - lovely playgroup session where he is enjoying exploring the toys, then lunch and a big shop for a special occasion on Sunday. Then it was back to Grandma D's for tea and a catch up with Mammy and Maddie. She had been on a school trip to Seaton and had a terrific time. The excitement of going on a bus and exploring the beach with her classmates beats any holiday! They even had chips for lunch. I finally arrived home at 5 p.m. to a video call from Freddie who showed us some of his toys. He and his Daddy had been doing selfies with funny faces. I have had a lovely day and now intend to watch GBBO upstairs and get on with some knit, knit, knit. It will be done!! 

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