By Dakers

The Real Sherlock Holmes,

Today’s Probus meeting features a talk by Colin Moore entitled the Real Sherlock Holmes.

I am early to help with setting up the technology for audio and visual and that goes reasonably well.

Colin and I have met before and we exchange details of the latest talk projects we are preparing. Word of Mouth is the way that speaker names and subjects are circulated.

Colin surprises me by asking if I will take part in a small dramatic scene which illustrates the Real SH examining  a subject.

It all goes according to plan and adds to the talk.

An interesting point is that Arthur Conan Doyle and the Real Sherlock Holmes were asked to review the case of Jack the Ripper by Scotland Yard,

Both viewed the files independently and wrote down who had committed the crime. They showed each other their conclusions and they reported to Scotland Yard with their findings.

No one was ever charged, but after their meeting, the series of Jack the Ripper killings stopped.

The R eal SH was Dr Joseph Bell, Professor of Medicine at Edinburgh University. Dr Bell taught Arthur Conan Doyle how to examine a patient by careful observation.

Today’s Blipfoto is totally unrelated but is a detail from a pewter plate which sits next to "Alexa", who I usually have my first conversation of the day as I brew coffee.

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