All part of the story

By Treshnish

Blueheads and Blackfaces

We went to the tup sale in Oban today.  We needed 4 or 5 Blackface tups.  We came home with one.  It is not a big sale and there were only about 40 Blackface tups to choose from.   And we were not the only prospective purchasers!   The one we bought was from a breeder we have bought from before, and so S was really pleased with our purchase.  The second one we would have liked, from the same breeder, went way over our budget.

I have blipped Lot no 173, a Bluehead (Bluefaced Leicester) tup. They are reputed to be quite a soft breed, need a lot of looking after in our damp climate, but aren't their heads wonderfully statuesque?

We came out of the mart, the sun was out, it was warm.  The crossing back was flat calm, the drive home just beautiful. 

Grateful to our neighbours for transporting our tup back for us. It meant we could go over and back as foot passengers. 

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