A new tactic

Today I tried a new tactic. I painted what will become 8 separate pictures as one big block, treating the 8 as one. It felt weird. In the extra you can see the 8 masks for the sun/moon, and the 8 masks for the trees. I put them out them painted, sprayed, blotted etc to create the background. 

The tree shapes and the sun/moon shapes were almost perfectly white. Then I got to work on them. The blip is perhaps half way through the process. They are now chopped into 8 separate paintings and I'll work on each one as a proper thing, not just part of the big whole. I aim to have framable pictures that remind people of the most popular paintings I've ever done. Here's one of the series from 2 years ago.

They took days to produce, it's a slow process involving wetting, drying, painting, blotting, drawing, rubbing out, adding and subtracting till the surface is rich. This is an effort to make the process more efficient. I have never tried to be this clever before so I have no idea how it will work out! Perhaps one or two of the little pictures will be interesting? I might have to add some collage!

Anyhow, that was two hours of work, perhaps three. The rest of the day involved digital maneuvering to try to get my computer to talk to the big screen, and to see if the long-forgotten bluetooth keyboards could be encouraged to live. (they could) In the evening we ate with Rose and then saw the film "Stan and Ollie", a sweet, nostalgic, excellently played film. Keith is distantly related to Stan Laurel, who comes from Ulverston, Lancashire - where I grew up. It was a gentle, kind sort of film -much of it set in post war Britain. In the rain.

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