By Artyfartyannie

Evening Clematis

Has been going strong for a long time but it isn't going to look too happy tomorrow as it is going to be mighty cold.........even a frost. I covered one plant up tonight to be on the safe side.

I aimed to get stuff done today and I did up to a point. Fixed the curtains in what I call my boudoir and that is good as they haven't half been annoying me for a good while. I think when things annoy you you get it sorted. If you can live with things you don't bother. Luckily I'm not too anal and I can live happily in quite a mess but I am a bit anal about floors getting dirty but we do not have a shoes off policy in this house. I'm thinking of banning outdoor shoes going up the stairs............gardening dirt gets everywhere !!!!

Then surprisingly Mr AF suggested a shopping trip so we headed off to my favourite clothes shop.........Sainsbury.........love it. Must go and do a mini sort out so sorry again for being the worst blipper in the blip world !!!!

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