Pastcard from Christchurch....

... Spring in the City

I had my Physiotherapy at the hospital on my hand just before midday and on my way back to my car I took a slow walk through the Christchurch Botanic gardens. Pleased there were lots of places to sit down along the way.

Good news is that I don't have to go back for any more treatment on my hand as she was pleased with my movement of the finger.  

The gardens were so colourful today with all the flowers and the new leaves forming on the trees.

I still have to sleep upright in the chair each night.. did try to lie back for a while last night. But wish I hadn't as I was in so much pain. After today's walk I am in a lot  pain.. wish I hadn't done it!

The Osteopaths treatment went well yesterday and hopefully she can get me right again. With the Acupuncture treatment, for a couple of hours the pain just about despaired.  

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