Day to day today

By Jewels4663


We went to Loule today, a really pretty little town a little further inland, which is advertised as an authentic Portuguese town. Which it was, right down to the grumpy little old lady who shouted at me when I asked her if she spoke English!!

We went to the covered market, which had lots of food on sale today, including lots of fresh fish, and then to a church which was reportedly built on a mosque. Unfortunately it was closed, though we were there at lunchtime.

After that we went to the Shrine of Nossa Senhora de Piedade, which is in the photo. Again, we couldn't get in but we were curious to see it as it looked quite incongruous! More spaceship than traditional Portuguese architecture!

We went on to Olhos de Agua, which is a bit touristy but a lovely little seafront with fishermans huts and boats, though more dinghys than fishing boats!!

Went out for dinner at Quinto do Mel this evening - delicious!

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