By Veronica

If it's Wednesday ...

... it must be intercambio; cue another beach sunset on the way there. Go large to see the glowing coals and the fluorescent cross. Another good evening of conversation with new and old faces. 

Beforehand we'd been to see the weekly English language film, Rocketman. What can I say? I liked the concept and structure, but there was enough material for an hour ... unfortunately the film was two hours long. To be fair, I stopped paying attention to pop music in my mid-20s and was never a fan of Elton John, so we were hardly the target market. That said, it shows how ubiquitous his hits were that I was familiar with all of the songs. Amazing factoid: at one point he was responsible for 5% of all the record sales in the world.

Feline news: Mystère was almost back to normal today, so his freedom was restored. After some gardener evasion activity in the morning, he used it largely to curl up on a comfy chair on the terrace and sleep.

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