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By HarlingDarling

Collage day

We are expecting a visitor soon and collage making will be curtailed. So I got ahead of myself a bit today, as the rain persisted in falling. I made a marvellous panful of lentil dahl at the same time, and caught up on the political games of the last week too. Not a pretty sight and in no way comforting.

Heard a voice on the  radio saying  "We have a deal!" and thought to myself, yes but. It has to get past parliament and the DUP and the ex-tories and the Labour remainers - who might just feel queasy about giving that dreadful Johnson an election (and ego) boost. So ho hum, wait and see time. Again.

Did some washing today, including a lot of muddy looking trousers, it's now hanging in the cellar with the dehumidifier extracting the wet. I'm so grateful that we have an excellent area to dry washing in, not least since half the year it's an indoor job. 

Dahl and aromatic yellow rice, raita and Keith's sauerkraut, plus my spicy chutney. The food of the gods, surely? With a Lidl beer, it felt like a treat of a dinner. The wood stove was in use again, blasting out heat like crazy. It's so efficient, we continue to be amazed by how little wood is required to raise the temperature to tropical levels.

I spent some of the day listening to broadcasts from the USA, itemising the remarkable goings on in the White House. How is it possible for that dangerous man to still be sitting there doing so much damage? There has always been a lot that causes outrage, but now his crazy decisions are causing death and destruction in all directions. Is it the imploding of a presidency that we see?

And what of the UK's government, with the PM smugly calling a worse deal than the May deal an "excellent deal" and selling it fast and with much use of smoke and mirrors to a parliament exhausted and confused, to say the least. There has to be a better way to do business. In Sweden the right wing Moderate party is holding their congress and have voted to close down public broadcasting radio when they return to power. The attacks on freedom of speech and the press are rife, it really is worrying. As is voter indifference. 

I can see why retreating into creativity and cutting and sticking felt so good today. It might not solve any of the pressing problems of the day, but it isn't making any new ones either. The quote has been sitting on my fridge for months, it's one of Blueheron's, as quoted by Kendall ! Early to bed tonight, we have an early start for the defence of a PhD thesis tomorrow. Thankfully not mine!

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