Life through the lens...

By ValC


Our annual Autumn visit to Naburn Locks, and we couldn't have picked a better autumnal day. Blue sky and sunshine all the way.
We were surprised to see so many fields alongside the river flooded, and the river still so high.
You can see in my collage what the weir looked like today, and what it usually looks like in my extra photo taken in May this year.
I have never seen it completely under water before, as usually it means the road down to the Locks is under water.  However today it was dry, although part of the caravan site was still waterlogged.

As usual had our walk along the riverbank, under the horse chestnut trees, picking up conkers as we went along.
Got talking to a few fishermen, who were laughing at our bag full. Wondering if we were going to have a conker fight when we got home!
A gust of wind, and plop, splash, plop  as it blew the conkers into the water. I'm sure it would scare away the fish.

Then on to the cafe at Naburn Marina for lunch. What a transformation since we were last there. Now quite posh, with huge windows overlooking the river.
 Food OK. Have had better, but it is mainly the view you go for.

Called at Fairbun Ings RSPB on the way home. 
Managed to drive back on the M62 with no holdups.

Must mention Ferry Bridge Power Station certainly looked different now there are only 3 cooling towers left. I wonder when they will be coming down.

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