By Pleach

Yesterday on the radio, there was an article about the 50 pence coin.  It is 50 years this week since the coin was introduced prior to decimalisation so replacing the ten shilling note.  I have several coins and thought that on this day when Boris Johnston has announced his plans for Britain to leave the European Union, these coins are of interest.  They represent the pride that the UK had as a member of the union of several European countries.
The larger coin was minted in 1973 and marked the UK’s accession to the European Economic Community.

The inscription "50 PENCE" and the date of the year, surrounded by nine hands, symbolising the nine members of the Community, clasping one another in a mutual gesture of trust, assistance and friendship
United Kingdom's Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the completion of the Single European Market

Later the size of coins was reduced and in 1998 the smaller coin was produced when the Union had grown to twelve members.  (Until the UK leaves there are 28 members)
A representation of a table on which are placed twelve stars, linked by a network of lines to each other and also to twelve chairs around the table, on one of which appear the letters "UK", and with the dates "1992" and "1993" above and the value "50 PENCE" below
United Kingdom's Presidency of the European Union, and the 25th Anniversary of the United Kingdom's accession to the European Economic Community.
It seems now that the present Prime Minister of the UK is happy to leave the “trust, assistance and friendship” that was the original plan of the Union and try to make the UK a strong economic nation on its own. (Scotland voted 62% to remain in the EU)

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