By Paladian

Oops - missed one

I only just realised I missed yesterday's blip when I was uploading my image for today.  Not that it makes a deal of difference.  Both are in my back garden, taken on a break from dealing with a veritable mountain of weeds.

The thing is that we have a bushfire season almost upon us, and I really to have to deal with the weeds while the ground is soft, and they are easy to pull out.  I won't use spray for various reasons.

I am determined to get it all done myself - it's a job made far worse because I have given other projects priority over my own garden for the last couple of years.

Something is going to have to change - there's only a certain number of hours in the day; I'm not as young as I was; and besides it's easier to come inside for a break and a cup of coffee when I'm at home rather than OGH.

And the best thing of all, I have two small dogs that give me moral support when I'm at home.

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