Everyday Life

By Julez

Autumn Arboretum

Now that the Super League season has finished it doesn't mean I miss out on my rugby league fix quite yet. Soon GB have a tour of New Zealand and PNG, but for now there is a 9's tournament to enjoy! So that is good!

I have been into town for the usual Friday stuff today, and I decided to treat myself to breakfast in Waterstones' cafe. The chai latte and Danish pastry were delightful as ever. But today the place seemed to be playing host to the weekly meeting of Lincoln's Hang 'Em, Flog 'Em, Ban 'Em Retiree's group. from various tables I could hear various rants against (Their words) "Remoaners", climate change Beatniks, gay pride, modern fashion - particularly women's', modern cars, hotels, and staggeringly, from one pair of very posh old gents "Maybe if the England football team want to avoid racial abuse they should field players less likely to attract it!" You couldn't make this stuff up. 

I'm glad I will probably never be able to afford to retire if this is what it does! No, I'm not for one moment saying that all retirees are bigots - far from it - maybe just those in the cafe this morning!

Talking of getting on in years, the other evening Jae was giving me the usual ribbing about how ancient he thinks I am and that he could not believe that I was born after TV's were invented. 

"I'm only 57, you know.." I said.

He grinned broadly. "57?! You're 57!!" He started laughing "Oh, my God Mum! You'll be 60 in three years! I'm teasing you about getting old, and you really are!! 60 is definitely Old People!!" He laughed like a loon and I could get no more sense from him for the rest of the evening!

Work last night was busy. I prefer it to be busy really, so long as things go smoothly as they did last night. It is much less tiring than when it is really quiet! Wonder what tonight has in store...

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