The first tree to drop all of it’s leaves

Is our Rowan, photographed at 8.52. And now I should collect the leaves using the lawnmower. However, it is wet and my mower is electric.

The extra is an Elderberry also going through leaf colour change. This is one shrub.

Elderberries grow like weeds here and the birds are greedy for the berries.

Pruning elderberry consists of cutting all stems a couple of centimetres above ground level. And the next year they will usually grow to at least two metres.

Looking forward to having lunch today with godson Euan and his partner Sophie. One of my middle names is her surname (Chalmers) and I think it is probable we have an ancestor or two in common.

Pat is busy preparing Fish Pie and a Quinoa Chocolate. Sophie and Euan are great fun and we usually have a great time together.

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