Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Solace Day 1 - At The Marina

We had a bit of a slow start to the holiday as I had to wait for phone call to tell us whether the water pump had been fitted and the boat could be used. I also had to talk to the electricial company then tell the lodge visitors  the weren't getting the hot water issue fixed before the end of their holiday! That was fine, they just need to know that there is hot water in the morning but no boost for evening showers.

Then I had to make sure my cleaner would be willing to go next week to let the workman in to complete the job and ask next week's visitors for permission to go in and also let them know about the hot water situation. That was fine with them, too.

So, we arrived at the marina mid-afternoon and unpacked the two cars (we have Kat & Greig with us this time) and The Man and The Mate took the cars up to our destination marina and left one of them (the cars, not the men). Travel was slow for them so the remaining 3 of us had time to go to the farm shop cafe for nice lattes.

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