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By HarlingDarling

Book-binding Day

A full day of measuring, cutting, choosing, checking, glueing, trimming, measuring again, pressing, wiping clean and leaving to dry. Two biggish books have come home with me and they both worked out pretty well. Not faultless processes, but learning ones. I learn every time I actually do anything!

The main blip is the table I work at, it's our teacher's table but I get to use it for the course meetings. It's nice being there as there are loads of things (tools, materials etc) that the rest of the group need. They pop by now and then. Otherwise we work with great focus on our various projects, in a companionable silence most of the time. It's a lovely place to be, with interesting people who help and inspire each other!

The extra shows the rainbow paper book in its finished form. (a rather strange angle to try to show the outside and the inside at once) Of course there were some learning moments during the process, and now it looks cheerful and bright in huge contrast to the pelting rain outside. It didn't stop all day so I was in the right place! The tiny rainbow books are well under way, thanks to some patient, fiddly work with the power guillotine. Sven-Eric does all that sort of cutting & we students stand by admiringly. It really looks & sounds lethal.

I slept weirdly and short last night and have hardly sat down all day, so now at 9 I'm flagging a bit. Time to retire with a good book that I can read for a few moments and then find lying across my face! We collect our friend tomorrow so there will be sociable times ahead, plus a board meeting, a film evening, and some teaching on Thursday. An unusually busy, booked up week. Bit like the British parliament, there's a lot on - they even have to sit on Saturdays! Thank you to all who demonstrated and protested the sleight of hand politics around brexit or not, deal or not.

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