David J. Rose

By djrose007

Cars, B52, Spiders and a 3 month birthday

Sometimes I wish I hadn't discovered the collage app that I use on my laptop, the original premise of Blipfoto was that you chose one photograph of the day and that was all you were allowed to publish.
Now with 'Extra's' and Collages you can post a few every day.

However, on a day like today I am glad of the collage because Hendrix has been such a good boy and a joy. Buddy had his 3 month milestone today and Hendrix got very excited when a B-52 Bomber flew over our conservatory on it's approach to RAF Fairford. Not a great photo, it was taken with my camera on zoom through the blue tinted glass roof. Hendrix also helped with the Halloween decoration by placing the spiders.

Top Left - Hendrix engrossed in his garage. When he's playing with his cars, and you speak to him, he jumps out of his skin he's concentrating so much. Makes me laugh like mad.
Top Right - The B-52 that got him so excited, he was jumping up and down, pointed to it and shouting.
Bottom Left - Buddy in the middle of a change. He's quite a chunky lad and at 3 months Marlane put some 6-9 month old clothes on him and they fitted perfectly.
Bottom Right - Hendrix putting the spiders in their place on the cobwebs. It really is about time Marlane did some house cleaning! (Ok, before you start, we share the jobs, I just said that for a joke).

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