By Majoayee

Focusing on the photographer!

Went to Em’s photo shoot!  We were the first and Em was wonderful with the little ones.  She must have worked with them for nearly half an hour and they were still ok for more!  You can see Grandbaby helping to make her sister smile!  

The girls have been very good today, but I don’t think we were much help to Em. We took the girls to the local park and then went to my daughter’s house to eat!  

Home and three of us slept while Ro drove!  
Early to bed tonight!! (Once LM is asleep!)

Well it’s mostly red but pink cheeks!  Please could you   Click on this link and then on the pink bar: "Click to give - It's free!"  This is to help towards funding mammograms for people who can't afford them and don't have the NHS we have.

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