By CrowingHen


Petrichor is my main rooster and his house was attacked a few nights back.  Today is his first day back with the main flock and he is happy.

Rooster means the head of the flock, like a mayor.  It's often a cockrel (boy chicken) that takes on this roll but sometimes hens choose to be 'king'.  Petrichor is the best rooster we've had in a long time.  He's defeated an eagle, three ravens (at the same time), and now he's survived a racoon attack and kept them distracted so the hens could get away while the humans struggled to help.

Petrichor's neck still bothers him, but any longer in isolation and it would be harder for him to rejoin the flock.  The hens are happy to have him back.

I also put my zoom lens on for today's blip.  I'm not doing well with this lens due to camera shake.  I need more practice taking photos of moving things - like chickens!  Maybe too high a shutter speed and I took the choke off the ISO so the picture got a lot of noise.  But some useable shots without interrupting the chooks too much.

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